Child and Youth Rights

Children and youth are future of any country. Hence, it is very important to shape them well and give them opportunity and environment for their overall development. Human Rights Foundation works not only for the children below the age of 18 years, but also with the young group in the age group of 18- 25 years of age. Children and youth require not only legal support but also require protection and independent atmosphere to develop in a free world.

HRF assists the children in conflict with law and also those in need of care and protection. In addition, we also interact with police, labour department, civil society organisations, judiciary and government officials on various legislations and policies made for children.

While working with youth, HRF makes an endeavour to assist them in shaping their future by way of facilitating them to get specialised training in various fields and faculties. A special programme of HRF is to train youth about their legal and constitutional rights and also make them aware about various laws and schemes for their benefit. Human Rights Foundation also encourages youth to join us as volunteers and spread the awareness on various laws amongst their peer groups, society and other marginalised section of the society.